Marchio Romano La casa ha un'anima.
467  •  Rapallo

In Chignero, 5 km. from Rapallo, one of the sunnyest and most beautiful valleys around, 2 rural cottages for sale, one by one. They both measures 160 sqm. each and have both garden around. The view covers the entire valley which is airy in the summer and mild in the winter. The rustic houses are close by but independent one from the other. The first one is done up to the roof on the outside, remaining to restore the insideand the cost is of € 340.000 The other one is totally to restructure and the cost is of € 180.000 Private road and parking places. these estates are not isolated, the inhabitants are almost a hundred and the public bus reaches the village.
Codice Energetico: Classe G Ipe 175.00 kwh/mq

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