Marchio Romano La casa ha un'anima.
163  •  Cavi di Lavagna

In Cavi di Lavagna amazing villa built during the fascist era and renovated after the bombings of the second world war, keeping the "allure" of a time past by. Fantastic the location: facing the ocean and embraced by its own park. The dwelling is on 3 levels plus the solarium terrace. It measures 175 sqmt. the first 2 floors, plus 75 sqmt. the basement ground. 110 sqmt. the 2 front sea terraces, plus 25 sqmt. the front sea porch. The park measures 390 sqmt. with trees, flowers and a lemon house. To this day the inside presents double living room with fire place, live in kitchen ligurian styke with marble water sink, 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.
Codice Energetico: Classe G Ipe 157.52

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