Marchio Romano La casa ha un'anima.
153  •  Portofino

Portofino is a fantastic location based in the Italian Riviera, considered "one of the eight wonders of the world". It's a kind of natural bowl which has become the world's famous "Piazzetta". Here, with access from the pier Umberto I, adjoining the Piazzetta, fascinating apartment measuring about 60 sqmt. entirely renovated with elegance and usefulness. The estate has a wide opening into the sea view and the marina thanks to the two windows positioned on the ocean blueness. The apartment is made of a wide day room with an interesting alcove, a tiny but totally furnished kitchen, a space with a double bed, a blind bathroom with shower and a wardrobe. A special way to live the Riviera and the italian taste for good life.
Codice Energetico: Classe B Ipe 33.25 Kwh/mq

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