Marchio Romano La casa ha un'anima.
053  •  San Michele

Astonishing villa with caressing sea view and English garden. Swimming pool and guest apartment. The residence winds you up luxuriously in its different floors, enchanting you in its halls, dining room, kitchen, master bedrooms and bathrooms. ... Prestigious house. Some days the sea water is so silky that it is like swimming in waves of cloth, some days the village is lifeless, the time peace rules, changing through ages, always like itself. The sea scent, Libeccio and Sirocco, are smelt when they hit your nose and the sea waves chase far away tales keeping tight lives and memories made of tenderness and laughs ... San Michele is a pearl living a wave which came from fare away preserving many sincere treasures keeping friends, parties, loves.
Codice Energetico: Classe G ipe 169.79 kwh/mq

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